Benefits of having an online coach


– Not everyone can afford 1-1 sessions so online coaching is a more affordable way to work with an expert to achieve the results you’re striving for


– Online coaches are just a click away and will often message you to see how you’re getting on. Knowing you have a coach will also motivate you to keep going. Have you ever sat at home with a cup of tea watching your television and thought, “I really can’t be bothered today”? What did you do? If you only have yourself to answer too, the chances are that you will continue to sit infront of your tele with a cup of tea but with a coach, in person or online, you are accountable to them and more likely to push yourself when you least want too. At Pride, we provide 24/7 communication, will check in regularly to see how you’re doing and will always take our time to talk with you about your strengths, weaknesses, motivation etc.


– Everything is trackable and your coach will program you to the results in the same way they would if you were 1-1 with them. With an online coach, you are working with an expert in their field who understands how to gain the results even without seeing you in person, through their methodologies and principles of training and programming. At Pride, we guarantee you’ll get the results you want too. See Results & testimonials page for some of the results we have achieved with our clients.


– You don’t have to worry about fitting in a specific time slot for training or missing a session if something comes up, you can train on your own terms, in your own time and if something comes up, there’s no need to cancel, you can just rearrange your gym session for a later time without having the stress of matching times with a busy PT. At Pride, our club program is 4 days per week which offers flexibility for you to train around your own life. Our customised coaching plans are specific to you and written weekly to provide further flexibility, e.g. if you regularly train 5 days a week but a family wedding means you’re away the week after for 3 days, let us know and your program the following week will fit that in such as a 3 day week program.

On going support & communication

– How often do you realistically message your personal trainer? With an online coach, you have on-going support and communication with them regularly checking in on you and the line being open for you to contact them whenever. At Pride, we provide 24/7 communication; you can text or call whenever you need with anything including questions and video form checks and we will also check in with you regularly, especially if we haven’t heard from you.

Access to an expert

– Working with an online coach means you don’t need to be in the same town or even country as your coach any longer. You have access to an expert who can provide you with the best support, coaching and results and never even have to meet face to face. At Pride, we have a number of clients who live a distance from our gym but due to our on-going communication, video form checks and check in’s, the distance is no issue for our coaches and athletes. At Pride you will have a coach who lift to a high standard, is an expert in their field, practices what they preach and follows the same methodologies and principles in their and your training.

Added extra’s with Pride Performance customised coaching plan

– 1-1 session included where the athlete can get down to Pride
– Your coach will accompany you to all competitions where possible

Get online coaching with Pride

Author: Pride Performance

Pride Performance Gym is a strength and conditioning gym in Warrington owned by two British Weightlifting Coaches, Heather & Andy. Heather is also SEN specialised with Andy being a Primary School PE teacher, both which are incorporated into our children's classes and allow us to be an inclusive gym. At Pride, we strive to be supportive, a community and welcoming of children, as well as offering a home to everybody no matter whether a complete newbie or a competitive lifter. We have designed our facility on maximizing the space we have, to offer as much lifting area as possible and to continually development and reinvest our facility. The equipment we have is tailored to suit the three main strength sports; olympic weightlifting, power lifting and strongman; and offers variety to suit any training program or goal. Personal programming and coaching is available and can also be suited to any goals whether it’s fitness, fat loss, strength or improving athletic performance. We offer a range of classes to suit all needs, abilities and age groups from children's classes (ages 6-11) to fitness and olympic weightlifting clubs. We also offer open gym to come along and train independently or memberships for both youth (11-18) and adults.

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