How can you get a bikini body? From bikini-not-ready to bikini-ready in a change of attitude!

From bikini-not-ready to bikini-ready in a change of attitude!

Bikini shopping yesterday, my worst nightmare!

I’ve never been confident about my own body, I’ve never liked wearing a bikini and I’ve definitely never liked shopping for them! These trips usually consist of tears and tantrums!

“I find that you are always constantly worried about how you look and how other people see you. In a bikini, all your flaws are exposed” **

Finding a bikini…

I’m a size 10-12 everywhere really so you’d think shopping would be okay? Nope, I wear a 32FF! Ever tried getting a bikini that doesn’t cost a mortgage for 32FF bust? Nope, me neither! If you have and you succeeded, please let me know! I used to buy triangle bikinis that tie around the neck and the back and they were great, size 20 top size 12 bottoms, perfect! Then bikini designers decided clips were a great invention on bikinis and now I can’t even do that! Fortunately, Boux Avenue fit me perfect, but we will get onto that soon.

“I found it hard wearing bikini’s because I was so conscious of having small busts. I saw myself as not having a woman’s body so I felt like I had to have my boobs done to gain confidence and look good in a bikini in the way I was expected to look. This has given me some confidence but I still see my flaws. I’ve found now that I see other flaws instead but I’m really trying to be happy and content in my own body”  **

Finding the right fit swimming costume…

Swimming costumes aren’t much better are they? I’m that awkward, curvy, muscle shape that means the size that fits my waist and tummy is up my big squat bottom (which I worked damn hard for!) or it fits my bum and it skims past my boobs and is loose on my tummy which makes me feel bigger or it fits my boobs and then it’s just huge everywhere?!

“I personally hate bikini shopping because nothing ever fits my massive bum! Tops are always too big and bottoms are always too tight” **

What is a beach body and how to get one?

We’re coming into summer now; holidays, ‘how to get a beach body’ article in every magazine, “look at … showing off her curves in her bikini” on the front page. Curves? She’s a size 6! Don’t get me wrong, she looks great but where are her curves and how’s that supposed to make anyone else feel good?! And then the dreaded bikini shopping. I think I’ve made it clear that’s definitely not my favourite type of shopping and I don’t feel like I’ve got a bikini body or finding a swimsuit to fit wouldn’t be so difficult would it?!

30 Days to Your Best Summer Body

So many magazines, adverts and internet articles cover the topic of becoming bikini ready in the months before summer offering a range of different advice from the best exercises to the best diets to become bikini ready. Do we really have to lose weight to look good in a bikini?! No wonder the idea of buying a bikini is such a stress!

Bikini Body
1300 calorie diet, I have no words. Starving your body to ensure a ‘bikini body’

Is it just me or do all of these articles make it feel like real women; whether skinny or curvy, aren’t bikini ready?

“Personally I have to work out in the morning before putting on a bikini because working out makes me feel healthier and sexier” **

Get Your Best Beach Body Ever In 21 Days

So what is a bikini body?

So what is a bikini body? Apparently, it’s a body that’s dropped a few lb’s, has a peachy bum and abs. Gorgeous? Yes. Realistic? No. Deepening insecurities? Definitely!

“Getting beach body ready always feels like so much pressure with social media full of unattainable bodies.” **

Get a Bikini Body in 4 Weeks The Workout PlanMy opinion on a bikini body? A confident one! It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, if you are HEALTHY, you DRESS FOR YOUR OWN BODY and you’re CONFIDENT!

“I’ve found the best way to get confident is by accepting my body rather than thinking negatively about it.” **

And everyone’s body but mine. I can’t be the only person who thinks I look fat and horrible in a bikini and then sees somebody bigger than me and thinks they look great but obviously I don’t look anywhere near that good, even when I’m 3 dress sizes smaller? Doesn’t this just show us that other people aren’t looking at us in the same way we are?

Bikini Body
She looks amazing!

For someone who’s always lacked confidence, it’s funny because I’ve never had a problem with my stretch marks, my mum tum definitely, but not my stretch marks. I wear them proudly and so we should! They show a journey whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, muscle growth, pregnancy, and so many more. Wear them with confidence, be proud of your journey no matter what it may be and embrace your beach body!

Showing stretch marks on my beach body bikini body in a boux avenue bikini
Stretch Marks!

Shopping for swimwear

So yesterday, I went the dreaded bikini shopping with my man for bikinis and I’m pretty sure he was dreading it as much as I was. BUT incredibly, not one tear was shed and I even managed a few smiles as I tried them on, walking out the shop with 2, yes 2, brand new bikinis! Thanks Boux Avenue!


Back to the first quote of this blog, when you look in the mirror you see things you don’t like about yourself, but does everybody else really see it too? When I look at these pictures, I see big hips, a mum tum, stretch marks, legs which aren’t the shape I want them to be, a lack of a waist.

Take a look at these pictures and tell me what you see?

And then I look at these pictures again and I see hard work, hours of training, abs trying to poke through and it feels like maybe, just maybe, I might be bikini ready after all!

“I’ve started trying to embrace all of the things I like about my body and working hard to make myself feel happy in my body. By not comparing myself to others, my confidence has grown so much”

So instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what you don’t like, look in the mirror an see what you do! Bikini shopping might not be so bad after all?

Pictures of Pride performance gym owner and british weightlifting instructor trying boux avenue bikinis on with her beach ready bikini body

**Quotes are from my friends, family & our Pride Performance Gym members.

Author: Pride Performance

Pride Performance Gym is a strength and conditioning gym in Warrington owned by two British Weightlifting Coaches, Heather & Andy. Heather is also SEN specialised with Andy being a Primary School PE teacher, both which are incorporated into our children's classes and allow us to be an inclusive gym. At Pride, we strive to be supportive, a community and welcoming of children, as well as offering a home to everybody no matter whether a complete newbie or a competitive lifter. We have designed our facility on maximizing the space we have, to offer as much lifting area as possible and to continually development and reinvest our facility. The equipment we have is tailored to suit the three main strength sports; olympic weightlifting, power lifting and strongman; and offers variety to suit any training program or goal. Personal programming and coaching is available and can also be suited to any goals whether it’s fitness, fat loss, strength or improving athletic performance. We offer a range of classes to suit all needs, abilities and age groups from children's classes (ages 6-11) to fitness and olympic weightlifting clubs. We also offer open gym to come along and train independently or memberships for both youth (11-18) and adults.

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